If your pet hates to be left home alone, or simply loves puppy play dates, sign him or her up for dog daycare.  The benefits will wow you!

  • Healthy - Daycare at the Puppy Lounge gives your petite pooch all the companionship, exercise, fresh air and fun necessary for a long and healthy life.  Healthy dogs are happy dogs, and happy dogs have happy parents!

  • Fun:  The Puppy Lounge offers our furry friends all day indoor/outdoor play, toys, snacks, and a mid-day nap to rejuvenate!  Your dog will come home ready to cuddle and snuggle.

  • Safe:  Trained supervisors, dog enrollment interviews, strict cleanliness standards, and a secure facility ensure your pup's safety while at the Puppy Lounge. 

  • Comforting:  With frequent daycare visits to the Puppy Lounge your dog grows to love its home away from home! What can be more comforting than to know your pet is loved, happy and feels secure that you will be returning - whether you are gone for the day or longer!   

  • Clean:  The Puppy Lounge prides itself on being a spotless, sweet smelling and environmentally friendly place!  Our professional floor scrubbing machines and steam cleaners provide your pooch with one of the cleanest facilities in town with a fraction of the chemicals used by other places. 

  • Perfect:  At the Puppy Lounge, your pooch will find the perfect play group to join.  Even the 'youngsters' and 'seniors' each have their own dedicated area with care and furniture designed to meet their special needs. 

Daycare runs our entire business day, six days a week.  You may drop your dog off and pick up at your convenience anytime, for the whole day or just a few hours.