"I've been bringing Toby here for the past few weeks and he is in doggy heaven! He's running out the car to the door because he's so excited! Every time I pick him up, he's super happy and ready for a long nap!! Thank you, Puppy Lounge for the constant love and care for Toby!! This is his new hangout spot!!" -Celene

"To our dearest friends at the Puppy Lounge: Thanks for the care that you give Steve and Sophie while we are away for our daughter's wedding. Our puppies love it there and I'm sure they see it as their home away from home. Thanks again for watching over all the wedding party pups: Steve, Sophie, Sweety, Snuggles, Peanut and Gator. You guys are the best!" - Dave & Darla, Matt & Darcee, and Anette

"I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for all of you & the great stay you made possible for Vegas. It is so comforting to know he's in good hands when I'm away. Thank you for your kindness!"

"I am so happy I found you guys, you are so wonderful and you don't know what you have done for Skittles. He is so good around new dogs he meets now. The transformation has been amazing." -Lennie

"Hi! I love my new look and so does Margaret. She can't keep her eyes off me. She said I hold my head even higher now. I did pet therapy at the hospital Saturday and everyone thought my look was great." -Love, Bijou

"This note is long overdue, first of all, thank you for approaching Pickles and me at Petco. I will be forever grateful that you did. All of you have been so kind to both of us. Pickles can hardly wait to get out of the car when we get to the Puppy Lounge. The daycare and spa are a great treat for her as well as me. Thank you again for giving Pickles a place to relax, play, and unwind - she truly is exhausted when I pick her up! We love you guys!" - Jeri and Pickles

"Dear Young Ladies of the Puppy Lounge, Thank you all for your kind thoughts during this difficult time for Jon and his family. You were so nice to give Gus a bath while he was staying with you during the time of the memorial service in St. George. We appreciate you all and Gus loves you!" - Sincerely, Jon & Rebecca

"I appreciate everyone taking such good care of DC - he never likes to leave when I come to pick him up. This tells me he's very content and happy while he's at The Puppy Lounge." - Dee

"I just scheduled a boarding for my little Penny and I have to tell you guys how much I appreciate the care you have for my baby. It always puts me at ease when I call and you are so excited to be able to board her. I know she loves going to play with all her furry friends, and I love that I know she will be well taken care of. Thanks for everything!!" -Emily

"Thank you so much! You guys are so nice to me. I really appreciate the kind service and sweetness you offer Bella and I." -Adam

"Hey Puppy Lounge Friends, My dad and I are just back from 10 days in Provincetown, MA on Cape Cod. We went for walks every morning on this beach - I LOVE the beach! I even made friends with Miguel - another Shih Tzu. I hope you are well. I miss you." -Love, Gordo

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking such wonderful care of my babies, Mobley and Kasia. They are treated so well, whether for daycare or overnight stays, that I am never worried they're bored or lonely. As soon as we pull into the parking lot they get excited and anxious to go in and play with their friends, canine and human! When they come home, they are always so exhausted from all the fun they've have, they sleep for hours and hours. Thank you so much for the wonderful care, service, and love you provide my dogs. I don’t know who loves The Puppy Lounge more: Mobley and Kasia or me!!" - Katie

"Your card just made my day. You are very kind and thoughtful. Thank you from Gretchen too. You made us feel special." -Raffa

"I actually think Maggie likes it better with you guys than at home sometimes! Haha....I am so thankful for you and never give it a second thought when recommending you to my other small dog 'parents!' Thank you for everything you do." -Amy and Maggie!

"Thank you so much for the email update and for taking such great care of Ellie. It gives me great comfort knowing that she is receiving the best care and that she's having fun. Thanks again for all your hard work."
-Sincerely, Monica

"To All our Friends at The Puppy Lounge~ May your holiday season be filled with love and happiness."-Sincerely, Alexandra and Tashi

"You guys are the best. While my new husband and I were on our
honeymoon, it was so great to hear from you and hear how our baby,
Mr.Jiggles, was doing. You rock and that's why keep coming back!!!!" -Jennifer

"To the wonderful girls at The Puppy Lounge: Thank you for being so nice and helpful to Gizmo and me. I feel very fortunate to have found you!" -Love Sarah and Gizmo

"Dear Puppy Lounge Staff, We really appreciate everything that you do for our little Shaytoon and all the TLC!" - Maryam & Adam

"Koda loves you. You guys are the greatest!" - Valeen

"Dear Puppy Lounge, Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday party and gifts! (Bernard really loves his party-animal friend). I love how much Bernard loves the Puppy Lounge and I love knowing that I never have to worry about him while he’s there, or feel guilty about leaving him home alone. He has such a sweet disposition and I know some of that is due to the Puppy Lounge and all the positive socialization he receives there. We’re so glad to have found you, and look forward to many more birthdays with the Puppy Lounge!"-Brenna & Bernard

"Thank you so much for caring for my dogs Indiana and Enzo while we were in Maui. I can't say enough how different you very apparently care for your doggy patrons. I've tried a lot of places, and this is the first time ever that my sensitive little greyhounds came back the same weight as we dropped them off, with a clean cage, and with clean linens and clothes. I think you even brushed their teeth! Each of you were very nice every time I called to catch a glimpse of them on the webcam. I obviously am totally in love with these dogs, and I feel really good leaving them with you. Thank you so much." - Krista

"Thanks for being Jack's home away from home. Jack is always happy to go to The Puppy Lounge." - Monique & Jack

"I just want to thank you for taking such good care of my boys. Buttons and Bounce are always so happy when they are there, and it's a huge comfort to me that you are there to love them when I'm away. You guys are the best!" - Kimberlee

"I looked at several facilities for our two minature pinchers, CoCo and Tia, before selecting The Puppy Lounge. We could not be happier with the services provided. Although we live in Park City, we often drop the girls off while in town running errands. In addition, we have left them for entire days as well as have boarded them for several days and have no reservations whatsoever about recommending them. My only complaint? The girls don't even look back once we arrive at the front door! All they want to do is to get inside and be with their friends. Thanks, Puppy Lounge for being our home away from home!!" -Marion, Ron, CoCo and Tia

"Deoji is always so much less hyper and such a happier dog when he gets done at Daycare. We are really happy that we found you guys!!" - Sheraye

"Thank you so much! Dolce loves you guys!" -Brittney

"Millie Loves the Puppy Lounge and her friends there! I am so pleased to know that when I drop Millie off that she can play with her friends and be taken care of while mom has to work!" - Aleesa 

"Darby loves going to daycare! It makes me so happy to see that my dog wants to be at your facility. Your staff and facility are awesome." - Jennifer

"Dear Puppy Lounge, Thanks for taking such great care of Daisy! She loves coming to play with you guys and I always know she will be well taken care of.  I really appreciate you guys!" - Brianne

"Thanks for making everyday such a special day for Gordo!" -Mike & Gordo

"Just wanted to check in and say that I love your webcam feature. Right now I am watching Poe settle in those beds and walk around and can even see his orange sun toy on the floor. I know he is very happy and although we miss him, I know he is in good hands." - Thanks, Christina

"Thank you so much for looking after my babies this weekend. They came home tired, so I can assume they had a lot of fun playing. Thanks for the bath too. Their fur was soft and smelled great. See you soon!" - Cheyenne, Ollie and Otis

"Thank you for everything!!!" -Crystal and Princess

"Dear Puppy Lounge, Thank you for taking care of our Sydney!! It was hard to leave her, but your staff was so nice. Thank you." - Jim and Jenny

"The Puppy Lounge is incredible. My vet told me about the Puppy Lounge. When I walked in the door I immediately knew this one would be different. The employees are warm and friendly and clearly love the dogs. They were very helpful and patient with getting Sushi signed in and paperwork completed. The facility is clean, smells great, open and bright. The playroom is huge and has furniture for the dogs to lounge around on. The best part......THE WEBCAM! I can watch Sushi play as I work through the day. It's so great! I leave Sushi often for overnight boarding when I am on the road with work and feel confident that she is loved and cared for. When I drop her off I swear she looks at me and says "BYE MOM" as she jumps out of my arms to run and see her friends. I always feel great leaving her. OH....and the groomer does a great job and always has her ready when I arrive to pick her up. I LOVE THE PUPPY LOUNGE!" - Kathy 

"We were here on vacation from Nampa, ID, with our Pomeranian, Precious.  We brought her to the Puppy Lounge so we could do some dog unfriendly activities.  Because Precious has had some unfortunate encounters with larger dogs, we chose The Puppy Lounge.  Everyone was so wonderful to her!   Not only was she able to get over some of her fears of other dogs, they were able to squeeze her in for a grooming (she looks so cute)!  Thank you Puppy Lounge."   -The Edge Family

"My wife and I used The Puppy Lounge when we made a trip to see her parents in Sacramento and were very impressed! Our beagles were in good spirits when a friend picked them up and we could call to request to see the pups on their webcam during business hours. The rate also ended up being very reasonable, especially considering the personal play and attention they got." - Jesse

"Dear Puppy Lounge Staff, Thank you for the beautiful job you did with our little Penny.  She looks and feels great!" -Sincerely, Allie  

"We greatly appreciate the quality care you provide to our beloved animals!  We have boarded our animals at other locations and feel you are the most professional and very best to meet the needs of our dogs. Thanks for your loving care." - Mary Kaye & Michael, Shark, Moose & Chopper 

Dear Parents, 

On behalf of all us at the Puppy Lounge, we sincerely thank you for your kind words.  It is our pleasure to take care of  your beloved 'kids'.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to return the love they so freely give.   

Thank you!
Your Friends at the Puppy Lounge