Give your pet the gift of a luxury spa day and have him/her come home looking fabulous!  All spa bath rates are dependent on services and coat condition (e.g. heavily matted coat).

Best of all, your dog won't have to sit in a cage all day!  Daycare is free for full grooming packages, so they get to hang out in fun playrooms or relax in the lounge until and after their spa appointment!

Puppy Lounge Pet Spa Offers:

  • Spa services with unmatched care, love and expertise
  • Bath & brush out services
  • Professional nail clipping and smoothing
  • Teeth brushing to keep those pearly whites gleaming and breath fresh
  • Finest shampoos, conditioners and treatment products based on your pet's coat and skin type
  • Tender loving care and patience so your dog enjoys every visit to the Puppy Lounge

Schedule a bath and your dog will be fresh & clean after a day of daycare or a boarding stay!